Due to poor result for your online posting, you are obliged to report on the first week of August, during your schedule for both laboratory and lecture time. Matters will be discussed regarding our next move. See you.

For members, you have to post 5 youtube videos related to lesson 5 & 6.

For leaders, please monitor their work.

As part of our agreement to qualify you for a special online program, you have to comply the required posting for the desired time.
Please take note of these:
Lesson 1-2 (June 13-19, 2011)
Lesson 3-4 (June 20-26, 2011)
Lesson 5-6 (June 27-July 3, 2011)
Lesson 7-8 (July 4-10, 2011)
Lesson 9-10 (July 11-17, 2011)
Lesson 11-12 (July 18-24, 2011)
Lesson 12-16 (The rest of the week before the end of July 2011)

The grading will be based on the diligence and content of your posts and the gained comments of the readers (undergrad students). There will be online minor & major exams to be conducted. So keep updated.

You are advised to sign up for your attendance once a week. The week covers every Monday-Sunday. You are also expected to post your articles for lesson 1-4 this weekend. I have an exclusive space for your attendance at the left side bar.

Sir Guirit

For those who are under me in edtech 1 last semester, you are required to post a link of your supposed powerpoint presentation of what you've learned from edtech 1 but in google presentation format (use google presentation). Type the link below your post # 1.

For qualifiers, under special program, you are also requested to sign up for your weekly attendance (can be found at the left side bar). You are also expected to finish at least 4 posts for the undergrad students to refer to your work.

Technology must be used to educate!

Have a nice day!

Sir G